Permanent Weight Loss – Prepare to Beat the Odds and Release Weight For Good With Positive Changes

August 15, 2008

Have you tried every diet known to humankind but are still struggling with weight? Have you learned the “what” to do for losing weight, exercising, wealth building or other personal goals but still can’t get yourself to do it? Do you start out with the best intentions but lose steam if you don’t get immediate results?

If so, you’re in good company. The truth is, less than 5% of people who learn about prosperity building or other types of personal development will actually apply it to achieve success. The odds are even worse for permanent weight loss.

Did you know that only one-half of one percent of people who lose more than 100 pounds will keep it off for more than five years? That’s almost nobody. Not even one body in a hundred compared to the lucky five who’ll become wealthy.

I founded O C E A N to help you overcome those dismal odds because I know what’s its like to struggle against them and – gratefully – I know how to beat them. My expertise is in understanding the process of making change and coaching others how to be successful for good.

Let’s use weight loss for our focus today, but know that what I’m teaching applies equally to just about any positive change you are trying to make in your life.

Despite the fact that anyone with a TV knows that eating less and exercising more equals weight loss, the vast majority are unable to do it. Why so few?

That’s what I wanted to know when I weighed nearly 300 pounds for the second time and was ready to lose weight for the last time. I was well aware of the discouraging odds I faced and I was determined to be in that tiny percentage of successful “losers”. So I added graduate school in psychology to my career in business and researched how human beings breakthrough inner obstacles to create permanent, positive changes. Through years of study and personal practice I developed a powerful and enlivening process that I now teach to those who are ready to succeed. What I discovered changed my life for good and it will give you a whole new approach to beat the odds and succeed in reaching your goals.

So let’s begin by returning to the question of why so few succeed at applying what they learn to weight loss or financial success. The answer is an obvious secret. Most people simply can’t “just do it.” If they could, they would.

We have unrealistic expectations about mental success that we would never have about athletic success. We think if we mentally learn the mechanics of a new venture, the doing should come easily. We know this is untrue in sports. Mentally knowing how to swing a golf club does not make driving over 300 yards easy. It takes a combination of understanding the most effective method of swinging, dedication to learning the skill, and hours and hours of practice that includes more failures than successes. Why do we think starting a new career, growing our prosperity, or losing weight should be any different?

When you commit to developing your health or prosperity skills, you are stepping onto a path that will challenge you to grow beyond your comfort zone of already mastered abilities. Most adults fall asleep to the fact that learning and growth continue throughout their entire lifetime and think they should know how to do things without practice. Then, when it doesn’t work that way, they give up before they really begin.

Right now begin with the attitude that you are capable of meeting the demands of learning the skills of building your health and wealth. Every one of us has some successes we can build upon. Acknowledge your strengths and use them to develop your weaknesses.

Being strong doesn’t mean being hard on yourself. Now that you know the odds you’re facing, I want you to give yourself a break for not having succeeded so far. If you’ve spent a lot of money on diets, books, or products, it’s likely that you or someone in your life may be giving you a hard time about “not doing anything with all that stuff.” I’m guessing harassment hasn’t worked to get you moving so far – it rarely does – especially for the long term. So since harassment isn’t working, stop it now. Inner criticism is the single biggest obstacle to your growth.

Instead, I invite you to take a minute to realize you are facing a huge opportunity that will be riddled with challenges. This is an opportunity that will change your life in ways that will thrill you to your toes and make you passionate about sharing your success with others (like it has for me). Knowing the odds you’re facing will help you realize that your breakthrough to radiance and prosperity will require your full commitment, a positive outlook, resiliency, and inner strength.

Breakthrough Practice for You

This week make sure you are as prepared as possible for the challenges you face. Every successful athlete and business person prepares for the challenges of their precious opportunity with expert information, consistent training, support through the rough spots, and lifestyle design to support their goals.

– Are you actively learning about how to create the health and prosperity levels you desire?

– Are you practicing your health and wealth skills consistently? Daily? Weekly?

– Do you have a team of people giving you positive support and encouragement through the difficulties?

– Have you made your health and prosperity a priority in your life and built it into your schedule?

Take a few minutes and answer these questions for yourself right now. I’ll wait (theme from Jeopardy here). How many “yes” answers do you have? Give yourself credit for them. And plan one simple action that can begin to turn your “no” answers around. There’s more to being in the less than 5% than just having the methods.

Written By Dr. Rebecca Coleman