Change is in the Air!

January 20, 2009


Can you feel it? The hope and mobilization for change in the air this week?

Regardless of which side of the fence you are on politically, it would be difficult to ignore the powerful focus of our national and world consciousness on change for good.

Our new President is publicly and powerfully modeling the kind of leadership that supports change. He is inclusive with a compassionate understanding of the different expressions but underlying humanity of all people. He is realistic and practical in knowing the amount of work involved in creating the kind of change that will support a struggling nation.

The very same principles he is employing on behalf of our national transformation – compassion and objectivity – we each must embody ourselves so we can be trustworthy leaders of change in our own lives.  The more that we create the changes we want, the more of an impact we have as a whole.

Too often we think we or others will do better if we are hard on ourselves or them. Or if we just get rid of our difficulties or difficult people, then everything will be better. This is simply not true.

Lasting change occurs when your heart truly understands the deepest nature of your difficulties or the difficulties of others. If we simply aim to get rid of our challenges, our heart will never understand what’s really happening and we’ll never be truly free.  And we will continually attract the circumstances that we are trying to avoid.

In other words, we must be open to all parts of our experience and the experiences of others – especially those we don’t understand.

When President Obama says we have a lot of hard work ahead to create the change we need in our country, we all seem to know its true. But what does he mean? What is hard about it?

Change, even positive change, is hard because we are very attached to what we know. It makes us feel secure. Our fixed ideas about what’s right and wrong and how to do things make us feel like we have solid ground to stand on even when things aren’t going the way we want. Our ideas keep us clear about who we are, what makes us valuable, and how to relate with others. This attachment to what we know and how we think things should be is exactly why change is hard.

Being open to change makes us feel shaky and vulnerable because it challenges the security we get from our fixed ideas. At such times, more than ever, we need to feel that strong, fair, and trustworthy leadership is present. Strong, compassionate leadership gives us the courage to open to the unknown, to the new, to rebirth.

At this time when so many are struggling with basic security, we need individual, familial, and community leadership like we’ve never needed it before. I created O C E A N to provide the kind of strong, compassionate leadership that would give struggling people the courage to open to life-affirming change. Our mission is to help people dissolve the barriers to their greatest potential – to their true leadership on scales both small and large. We’ve never felt more empowered to fulfill our mission and have two new programs starting soon to support those of you who are ready to change with our country.

The first is our new Women’s Love Mini-Retreat and 10-week Class designed to give women their most powerfully loving Valentine’s month they’ve ever had. Women taking these programs will experience new levels of love and passion by spring.

Our other new offering is the newly expanded Inner Wealth program which combines individual sessions with weekend intensives to help both men and women dissolve obstacles to prosperity and make their dreams come true.

If the timing is right for you, we’d love to have you join us, you can learn more below.

The research on prayer and meditation unequivocally shows how the consciousness of small groups can impact many. Today I feel open and curious to see what impact the consciousness of the two million or so people at the inauguration today, who shared a consciousness of hope and change, will have on our country and our world. Not to mention the millions of others in the US and around the world who are united in the consciousness of inclusive, compassionate, powerful change for good.

When you are feeling challenged, in doubt, or shaky in your process of realizing your full potential, I encourage you to tap into this compassionate consciousness of change. Imagine how this country’s leader might approach your difficulty. Be open and inclusive to all parts of your experience and stay committed to the good, aliveness, and truth in you.   When you need support on your journey, we’re here to help.

With love and hope,

Dr. Rebecca