A Splash of Love

It’s Valentine’s season again. What happens in you when you see all the red and pink displays in the stores?For some, Valentine’s is a superficial, saccharin or made up holiday they’d prefer to ignore. For others, it’s a painful reminder of the longing they have for True Love. Even for those with a lover, very often disappointments abound on Valentine’s Day. Men aren’t sure how to get it right and women rarely know what will give them a truly fulfilling experience of deep love.

What a mess Valentine’s can be.

However, the deeper invitation for each of us this time of year is to explore the condition of our own hearts. Where is my heart open and free? Where it is closed and resentful? What hurts are still stored there? What is it that my heart truly longs for during this season of love?

It’s easy to forget that fulfilling experiences of love may or may not involve another person. We can feel deeply satisfying experiences of love in nearly any giving and/or receiving exchange. However, most of us have many hurts and misunderstandings about love that block our ability to feel this yummy, expansive feeling in any moment.

If you’re a woman whose heart says its time to wake up, heal, and lead your life from your true power – love – I hope you will join us for our Women’s Love Retreat this month. You will be immersed in an environment that will awaken your heart, strengthen your purpose, and open you to your optimal love life – whether its in your work, family, or self-care arenas. You can listen to an audio of Dani and I talking about the Women’s Love Retreat to see if your heart resonates with this powerful program of transforming your heart and mind so you may know and embody True Love.

We have another Valentine’s surprise we’ll be sharing with you soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Know that you are in our hearts this season of Love and our deepest intention is that you feel in ways large and small the power, beauty, and love that makes you the amazing, radiant being that you are.

Dr. Rebecca

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